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When Is The Right Time Of The Year To Get Your Carpet Cleaned?

When Is the Right Time of the Year to Get Your Carpet Cleaned?

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If you have carpets in your home, then you may be wondering what the best time to get them cleaned is. Is one time of the year is better than another? Or you simply need to clean your carpets when it seems dirty? Well, the answer depends on a few of these below mentioned things.

Regular cleaning:

Though cleaning your carpet when it looks to have lost its glory is better than not cleaning them at all, but it is not always ideal. There are so many reasons why you should clean your carpet regularly as a preventative measure rather than a cure. Often by the time your carpets look filthy, the damage has been done. Debris and dirt have suppressed themselves deep into carpet fibres and sticky marks have accumulated excessive dust – hence the dark staining. Often when a carpet is in this condition simply vacuuming is merely going to get rid of the top layer of dust and the residual dirt is being round into the fibres as it is being walked over. This can prompt long-term damage to your carpet. Henceforth regular carpet cleaning in Santa Clara CA is essential to keeping your carpet in top shape. By doing so debris and dirt can be removed easily before they have a chance to get deep into the fibres.

So is there a good time to clean your carpet?

A good rule of thumb is to get your carpets cleaned after the dirty season. Unfavourable weather such as snow and mud can bring plenty of debris into your house & get deposited onto your carpet. Therefore it is recommended to wait until the warmer weather, preferably the spring season before you want to spring clean your carpet. Warmer weather also helps the carpet to dry faster, therefore restricting the probability of carpet mould.

What about autumn?

The autumn is also a good time to get your carpets cleaned as the weather remains pleasant.


Don’t wait until your carpet is full of dirt. Instead, opt for regular carpet cleaning in Santa Clara CA. Autumn and spring are arguably the ideal time as the weather stay better, and there is less mud & debris brought into your home and drying times can be speeded up.

If you would like to keep your home’s carpet in top shape, feel free to contact Rivas Janitorial for a no-obligation quote. We would love to make your carpet as sparkling as it could get.

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