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How To Prevent Mold From Developing In Your Carpet

How to Prevent Mold from Developing In Your Carpet

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Carpet mold is the nastiest stuff to have in your home. While mildew on solid surfaces like tile is easy to get rid of, getting mildew out of carpet fibers can be difficult. To make things worse, mildew usually emerges first on the carpet backing where it’s not noticed until it’s too late.

Conventional wisdom suggests that moisture is the main offender that causes mold on carpeting and getting the carpet free from moisture will take care of the mold issue. However, this is not a hundred per cent true. Luckily, carpet mold is astoundingly easy to keep under control.

If you’ve got a carpet in a basement or other regions with possibly high humidity, there’re many simple steps that can be taken to prevent mold growth.

Keep humidity low: The humidity of 65% or lower than it is likely to be the best level for having mold free carpet flooring. You can reduce humidity in a contained region simply by running a handheld dehumidifier or giving airflow by leaving doors and windows open as required (steer clear of opening the windows if outdoor humidity is on the higher side).

Keep the temperature on the lower side: Remember, temperatures of 80 F & higher can cause mold expansion in your carpet flooring. Central air conditioning can help with both moisture and temperature as it reduces humidity as it cools the air.

Maintain cleanliness of your carpet: While there’s no official definition of “clean,” it’s recommended to schedule professional Carpet Cleaning in Santa Clara CA to prevent mold growth. You need to keep carpets clean, particularly in high-traffic areas, where you first come into your apartment or home.

Install synthetic carpet materials: Organic carpeting materials like wool are more vulnerable to mold expansion than synthetic carpet material such as olefin or nylon.

Don’t want to make your costly carpet a breeding ground for bold and other harmful bacteria? Feel free to call Rivas Janitorial and take advantage of our professional carpet cleaning in Santa Clara CA. Call us now to get your carpet cleaning quote!

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