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How To Keep Your Carpet Clean After A Professional Carpet Cleaning

How To Keep Your Carpet Clean After A Professional Carpet Cleaning

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After getting your carpets professionally cleaned, it’s essential to follow certain rules to maintain your carpet surface till you schedule your next professional carpet cleaning in Palo Alto CA. It is easier to ignore the health & look of carpets once they receive a professional cleaning. Listed here are a few simple techniques that homeowners can follow and keep their carpeted surfaces clean and fresh after a pro cleaning service.

Steer clear of walking on the damp carpet:

Avoid using the wet carpet for 2-3 hours after a professional cleaning service because by doing so you will re-soil the area again. The majority of pro carpet cleaners use steam cleaning even though they employ powerful extractors, the area will take some time to get dry completely.

It is comparatively useless & a waste of money if your carpet is ruined immediately after a professional cleaning. So, steer clear of using your carpet until it is totally dry.

Keep your shoes out:

As you stroll across the carpeted surface, wearing shoes, you’ll add more dirt and dust. Possibilities are, even your cleanest shoes may push their dirt present on the carpet further inside.

Even high heel silhouette isn’t a good friend for your recently cleaned carpets. The pointed heel can accumulate dirt and leave a heavy stain on the carpet. Most preferably, a pair of clean socks will keep your carpet from dust and dirt. Just to ensure your carpet remains spick and span after a professional treatment, execute a no-shoe rule for some time.

Keep an eye on your furry friends:

When you’ve pets in your house, it’s very demanding to keep your carpeted surface clean & unblemished all the time. Any pet stains should be removed ASAP. Vacuuming 2 times a week also aids, if your furry friend is shedding a lot.

Your pet’s sharp claws can also tear your costly carpets. To refrain from such mishaps, do trim your pet’s claws and file them to keep threads from ripping.

Clean spills and stains immediately:

The best thing you can do to maintain the good look of your carpet is clean the stains instantly. If something is split (wine, pet’s urine, or some food particles), then clean before it totally sets into your carpet. For the best outcomes don’t scrub it, instead just dab with a dry cloth. To get rid of excessive dampness, use absorbent material to dry your carpet as soon as feasible.

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