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Everything You Want To Know About Floor Stripping And Waxing

Everything You Want To Know About Floor Stripping and Waxing

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When it comes to deep cleaning, stripping & waxing a floor is perhaps the most important aspect to consider. But what’s this procedure, why do people do it, and how is it done? Let’s find more about stripping and waxing in Morgan Hill CA:

What strip & wax floors?

Floors such as vinyl and linoleum are called as “waxed” floors – they have a coating on them which maintains their shiny side and smoothness. If that coating ages or wears off, it can discolour & chip. This may occur because of your neglect in floor care, or due to re-waxing without stripping it initially. Therefore, in order to take off the floor, it requires timely stripping of the existing wax, then re-waxing. This develops a protecting coat to keep your free from stain or scratch.

Stripping your floor:

When you put on wax on top of dirty or old wax, you’ll end up with a yellowed flaking floor. It’s critical to strip your floor prior to you wax it. There’re many choices for floor stripping, ranging from ammonia or vinegar plus elbow grease, all the way to buying a pro-standard floor stripper. Regardless of which method you choose, ensure to read & meticulously pursue any instructions on a floor stripper so that you can avoid causing any damage to your floor. Also, you need to ensure that you rent or purchase a stripper that’s appropriate for your floor type: a stripper designed for vinyl won’t safeguard your hardwood, for instance. In order to strip, you require both a solvent and a machine.

Waxing your floor:

Just as you’d with floor stripper; ensure that you properly read the instruction on your floor wax and stick to those. Waxing can be easier than you think: the wax can be applied directly onto a clean, new wax applier mop and applied in sections of thin layers all over the floor. We suggest employing a specialized wax applier mop instead of a general mop; it’ll make the process much simpler. Like floor stripper, ensure the airflow in the room is excellent. Two to 5 layers must offer an excellent seal on the floor; keep in mind to let it dry completely between coats.

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